South park season 17 episode guide

The seventeenth season of South Park was first aired between September 27 and December 11 of 2013. This season contains ten episodes that all run for about twenty-two minutes. Delivering South Park’s usual mix of satire, dark humor, and parody South Park season 17 is an excellent viewing choice. 1.) Let Go, Let Gov Becoming increasingly convinced that Kyle is a government agent, Cartman decides to infiltrate the NSA. Cartman does this with the use of a brain implanted social media device that automatically tweets a persons thoughts. Cartman, eventually becoming a NSA employee, then becomes disillusioned and flees to Russia. Butters, inspired by a meeting with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, goes to the South Park DMV to confess his sins. This eventually leads to grand revelations about Butter’s past, and a scandal revolving around child s*x abuse. 2.) Informative Murder P**n A documentary about the dangers of “Murder P**n” takes the little town of South Park by storm. Luckily, Kyle is prepare

South park season 14 episode guide

 1.)Sexual Healing March 17, 2010 Kyle ,Kenny and butters could not tell what color was naked lady’s handkerchief shown to them in a test to sort out the student who are suffering from  sex addiction.Butters became obsessed with bush between the naked lady’s leg.The test was conducted to check the sex addiction epidemic which is making stories in media including celebrities like golfer tiger woods bill Clinton, charlie sheen etc which was spreading due to unknown reason.While the Kyle and butters were sent to sex addiction therapy camp Stan and Cartman enjoyed EA sports golf.They liked  swinging golf bat in combo move to hit tiger woods and also  his wife chasing his car with the bat.Scientist claimed that large amount of cash was responsible for rich successful celebrities turning  sick and sex addict and different from normal people who have sex occasionally and have no desire to have sex with multiple partners.Finally it was proved that an alien was causing the the spell of sex addi

South park season 10 episode guide

1.)Return of Chef March 22, 2006 Theme: Occultism, conspiracy,Revenge on chef-Episode just made to kill chef charater. Main characters:Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Chef After leaving to join the Super Adventure Club, Chef comes back with a sexual lust that puts all the kids at South Park Elementary on edge. Curious as to what is the cause behind this, the boys discover that the Super Adventure club, a ring a of globetrotting pedophiles that believe s*x with children gives them immortality, have brainwashed their friend. The boys realized that the only way to save their friend is to remind him of who he was, mostly by taking him to strip club where he can remember his love for women. “Oh my god! They killed Chef!” “I wanna-Make love-to your A**Hole-children” Chef left after Scientology episode so they had to use chef voice from previous episodes to form a dialogue. 2.)Smug Alert March 29, 2006 Theme: Side effects of Conservationism Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Gerald When Kyle’s

South park season 6 episode guide

 1.)Jared Has Aides 3-6-2002 Theme- Jared (subway) reveals controversial weight loss secret Main characters- Jared,Butters, Description- The boys try to make their fortune like Jared from Subway by fattening up Butters then performing liposuction while claiming a City Wok chinese food diet. Meanwhile Jared reveals secret to his weight loss is trainers (aids). Highlights-Jared almost killed by town. 2.)Asspen 3-13-2002 Theme- Family vacation to aspen Main characters- Kyle,Butters, Description- In beautiful snowy Aspen The boys are discovering the local ski scene as there parents are locked in a neverending time share presentation. Kyle must win a skiing race to save a community teen club from closing down. “If you french fry when you should pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time.” “Thats my face sir” 3.)Freak Strike 3-20-2002 Theme-Tv shows exploiting peoples disability and problems. MAin characters- Maury Povich , Butters, Cartman Description- The boys convince Butters to go on Maury (T.v

South park season 4 episode guide

 1.)The Tooth Fairy’s Tats 2000 4-5-2000 Theme – Cartman and the gang get into the underground Tooth Fairy business by placing stolen teeth under rich kids’ pillows and taking the money. Main Characters – Cartman, Loogie Description – When Cartman realizes how much money he can get from the Tooth Fairy, he decides to make some money by stealing teeth and putting them under his pillow. When the boys discover that the Tooth Fairy is fake, they enter into a world of organized crime involving teeth on the black-market. The boys team up with Loogie’s gang, but realize they can make more money by opening their own business. Highlights – The first appearance of Timmy. The two “Tooth Fairies” fighting. 2.)Cartman’s Silly Hate Crime 2000 4-12-2000 Theme – Cartman goes to juvenile hall for committing a hate-crime after throwing a rock at Token. Main Characters – Cartman, Token, Romper Stomper Description – Cartman throws a rock at Token and is put in juvenile hall by the FBI for committing a hat